SAT-7: An Encourager

 February 2, 2017


SAT-7 is more than a family of television channels: we are encouragers.



As we watch the atrocities of the Syrian Crisis unfold, millions feel helpless. Approximately 13.5 million people need humanitarian assistance inside Syria.1 Over 4.5 million Syrians are refugees living in overcrowded, underfunded camps across the Middle East and Europe.2 It’s a dismal picture.

Yet, there is hope. Refugees come to camps where they find comfort in the familiar faces of SAT-7; families living in war zones find an escape as they drown out the sounds of war with the sounds of worship, talk shows, and Bible stories. Together, we encourage millions facing violence, hunger, and displacement. We show families that they are not forgotten, and provide children with the opportunity to learn, and be kids, rather than victims of war.

SAT-7 reaches Syrian children like Asaad and Nahed. Asaad lives in Syria where his life has been disrupted by violence. War has led to a shortage of medical supplies, food and water. Even attending school is difficult; everything that was Asaad’s life is gone, except SAT-7. Despite the many disruptions, Asaad watches his favorite SAT-7 programs. After watching Let’s Sing Together, a children’s worship program, Asaad called in to express his love of SAT-7. “I don’t watch any other channel but you because you are the best. You tell us what to do in our daily life. Thank you so much for being you.”

Other Syrian children like Nahed live in refugee camps across the Middle East. Lacking many of the basic necessities that were available before the war, many children go without schooling and live on rationed food while parents struggle to provide. But SAT-7 offers relief where there seems to be none. In makeshift homes across the Middle East, children are tuning in to the channel that reminds them of the home they left.  Nahed is among them, watching SAT-7 KIDS programs. She wrote in to say, “I pray to the Lord to give His peace to everyone who is suffering and also I pray for my family because we are suffering, like many people in this world. How hard it is to leave our home!

Can you imagine the atrocities Syrian children see every day? Thank you for helping us show children, like Asaad and Nahed, that they are not forgotten, that they are cherished. For being encouragers during a time when events are anything but uplifting.



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