As schools close again amid renewed lockdowns in many Middle Eastern countries, families are left struggling with their children’s education. SAT-7 ACADEMY continues to step in to bolster Arabic-speaking children and families with new programs to support online learning joining its roster of holistic educational and parenting support shows.

“You have done in one year what others could only have done in five years,” says Haidy, a teenager who watches My School. “I started from [scratch] with you, and now I’m doing very well because of your efforts. Thank you for answering all my questions. I can never thank you enough for everything you are doing, and I pray for the teachers every day.”

With new school closures in Egypt and Lebanon expected to continue until the end of February, the work of My School and SAT-7 ACADEMY once again takes on a new urgency.


Please pray that SAT-7 will continue throughout this period of school closures to be a lifeline for struggling families by helping meet their needs. Pray also for children, parents, and teachers during school closures; that God will draw near to them in times of strain and especially protect children who may be at risk during lockdowns.

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In a region where countless children are victims of war and poverty, SAT-7 provides biblically-based children’s programming to teach kids about the hope found through faith in Jesus.

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I watch all of your live shows. Sometimes I watch for 4-5 hours a day. I owe the changes in my life to SAT‑7’s programs; I don’t have any other source, as I have no Christian friends and no Bible."
— Lebanon
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