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There are many ministries who partner with and support SAT-7 in our goal to reach more people in the Middle East and North Africa with the love of Christ. Below, meet some of the people who support SAT-7!

"The quality and originality of your programming have long set the standard for Christian broadcasters, and have opened countless hearts to the Gospel. Faith Comes By Hearing has been honored to partner with you to broadcast the Audio Bible in the major languages of the Middle East." 

 - Troy Carl
   Vice President, Faith Comes By Hearing

"From my heart, I praise God and I encourage those supporting SAT-7 to continue doing so at this time in history. And if you are not already supporting SAT-7, I urge you to do so for the sake of Christ in the region."

- Reverend Sameh Maurice, 
  Kasr El Dobara Evangelical Church, Egypt

"What sustains us is the fellowship of the Church worldwide. It's amazing. [Take] for example, Christian TV. For Palestinians living inside Gaza or the West Bank who do not have that freedom to fellowship or enjoy the richness of the Church, especially in the Arab World - they find through TV broadcasts from SAT-7 that way of linking and connecting with the Church and being in fellowship with them. I know people who can't wait for the [program] School of Christ of Sameh Maurice or celebrations to come, or reports of ministries, or Bible studies. All of this.

[Satellite] TV is spreading the richness of the Gospel of Christ across closed borders of the Middle East. This is a very important contribution in all honesty to the strength and encouragement of the Church, especially [where it is] living under difficult circumstances."

- Labib Medanat, 
  Team Leader, The Bible Society in the Holy Land 

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"SAT-7 is a brilliant effort to beam the Gospel of Jesus directly into homes in a region where traditional religious identity and high levels of social control have made access difficult."

- David Neff, Former Executive Director, Christianity Today

"SAT-7 has been a pioneer in developing a distinctly Christian television voice for the Middle East. It consistently demonstrates quality of production and high relevance to the rapidly changing challenges of the region's audiences...It would be hard to overstate its demonstrated commitment to reaching the largest possible number in the region with the power of the Good News."

- Phill Butler, 

"We consider it an absolute joy to be a partner with SAT-7 in providing television to the Middle East that is wholesome, creative, and presents the message of Jesus in a culturally relevant and winsome manner. If your church really believes the Good News is for the Middle East too, then SAT-7 merits your serious consideration."

- Christopher White, Missions Pastor, 
  Trail Christian Fellowship


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