SAT-7 KIDS is the world’s first—and only—Arabic Christian television channel designed exclusively for young and adolescent children. The channel’s motto is “where your children are safe,” reflecting its role as a safe haven for children to learn about the world, the Bible, and daily life.

An incredible audience of 9.25 million children across the Arab world watches SAT-7 KIDS -- including 1 in 3 children in Iraq and 1 in 4 children in Saudi Arabia. 

The SAT-7 KIDS website well equips the channel to keep up with this technology-savvy generation. In September 2012, won the Gold Prize at the Pan-Arab Web Awards Competition. The website features SAT-7 KIDS programs, games, quizzes, devotions, daily Bible verses, testimonies, and chat forums. (Launch Date: December 10, 2007)

SAT-7 KIDS broadcasts on Eutelsat 7 West A 11354 Vertical, SR 27500 5/6.


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