Iraqi Refugee Child’s Startling Message to World Leaders

World leaders are wrestling with how to confront the terrorist group ISIS. In fact, the problem is dominating much of the U.S. presidential debates. But what do Christian Iraqis who have already suffered at the hands of ISIS say?

About a year ago, an 11-year-old Iraqi refugee girl’s (Myriam) message - first filmed and aired by SAT-7 - went viral worldwide on the Internet and via social media to tens of millions of viewers when she said that God loves ISIS; she forgives them and prays that God forgives them too. (Get the original story here.) World leaders could learn a lot from the heart of this child. As the Bible tells us, at times we ought to become like little children spiritually. (Matthew 18:3)

Myriam’s display of faith and forgiveness was astounding, considering she lost her school and her friends when ISIS drove her family out of their hometown of Qaraqosh. Living in an unfinished shopping mall structure in Erbil, she had three wishes – that she could return to school, the she could be reunited with her best friend, Sandra, and that her message of love and forgiveness would reach the world.

The short video SAT-7 ARABIC posted on their Facebook page reached over 3 million people and over 800,000 watched! It was translated into multiple languages, including Chinese, Russian, and Italian.

Today, all three prayers have been answered as she sits at the same desk as Sandra at a school in Erbil. Her family has moved into a slightly more stable mobile home structure. She had a new message for the world when she was reunited with the Egyptian reporter who first interviewed her, Essam Nagy. (Nagy is a presenter on the Middle Eastern Christian satellite television channel, SAT-7 KIDS.) When asked what message she would give world leaders, she said, “Walk with love and mercy in your hearts.”

Her best friend, Sandra, said, “I want to tell them to pray to Jesus because He is everything in life. He is the one who gave them life and shields them during the hard times.”

Nagy was thrilled to present the girls with hundreds of cards of encouragement, handmade by American children who have been praying for them and the state of their country. He says, “I felt the deep need of the kids to talk, and be there for them. I believe this is the core of our mission.” The interviews SAT-7 filmed with refugee children have aired to millions of homes across the Arab World, including churches, housing refugees and camps, where satellite dishes can be found, even attached to tents.

Please continue to pray for Iraqis suffering at the hands of ISIS, especially those subjected to kidnappings and human trafficking. Families are enduring painful losses, mothers having their children stolen right out of their arms by ISIS militants, as a price for getting out with the rest of the family. Pray also for the Yazidis, a minority group whose living conditions remain worse than most others, and the local Iraqi churches that are serving them.

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*  December 18, 2015, Myriam’s latest interview appeared on ABC News' 20/20. *


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