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We are pleased to offer the following eBrochures that will provide additional information on methods of supporting us through a planned gift. The Estate Information Form provides a worksheet that will help your loved ones locate important papers and identify key advisor relationships.

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More Ways to Give

Eileen's financial advisor showed her a way to sell the house and avoid significant capital gains taxes. As part of the arrangement, Eileen would receive income for life. And she was also able to support SAT-7, an organization both she and Paul loved.

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Gift of a Lifetime

When a friend raved about her charitable gift annuity, they decided to look into it. They found that it was an easy way to reduce their taxes and increase their retirement income. Right away, Joyce and Burton felt more financially secure. The icing on the cake? Their gift would benefit SAT-7 for years to come.

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Your Gift, Your Choice

There are many ways to support SAT-7, with just as many rewards -- from tax benefits to a lifetime income. No matter how you package their support, you'll earn the ultimate reward: knowing you make it possible for SAT-7 to carry on it's mission.

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Your Will, Your Legacy

David and Ann had already established a fund to benefit SAT-7 using a gift of appreciated stock. They discovered that by adding a bequest, they could easily give more to SAT-7 than they ever thought possible. Through the bequest, David and Ann can support a cause their loved ones care deeply about. It’s one more way they’re taking care of the family—for generations to come.

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Estate Information Form

When completed, this form will help you keep track of your important financial and legal documents. A copy should be readily available to your spouse or loved one.

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For additional information or a confidential discussion of your charitable options, please email or call the Vice President for Finance and Administration, Ruth Thomas, at 410-770-9804 or toll-free 1-866-744-SAT7 (7287).

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