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12/2/2016 Mission Network News, Purge Continues Five Months after Failed Coup

9/28/2016 Mission Network News, Suicide, a Rising Concern for Young Refugees

8/18/2016 Mission Network News, Turkey Search for Hope in State of Emergency and Crackdowns

8/12/2016 Mission Network News, Coptic Christians Face Rising Persecution

8/02/2016 Christian Orient, Christian Media in the Middle East: An Introduction

7/4/2016 Mission Network News, A Family Saved by a Need to Remember Home

6/01/2016 Mission Network News, Extremists see Violence for Islamic Month of Prayer and Fasting

5/16/2016 Mission Network News, Without Education, Some Kids Turn to War

5/13/2016 Christian Today,  Christian Broadcasters in Middle East say 'Spiritual Hunger' is Growing as Viewer Responses Treble

4/22/2016 Mission Network News, A renewed future for SAT-7 programs

4/13/2016 Mission Network News, Trends, the 'Selfie,' and Truth

4/12/2016 Mission Network News, SAT-7 Launches New Broadcast

4/01/2016 Mission Network News, Children in Syria Offered Hope on Easter.

3/23/2016 Vatican Radio, SAT-7: the Voice of the Christians of the Middle East Turns 20

3/22/2016 The Christian Post, Muslims Tired of Islamic Extremism Turning to Jesus Christ, Message of Peace, Says CEO of Arabic TV Network

3/21/2016 Mission Network News, Violence Divides Muslims, Drives Many to Christ

3/15/2016 Mission Network News, Christians in Algeria Find Fellowship

2/26/2016 Christian Post, Christian Channel Gives Hope to Refugee Children Fleeing Syria With On-Air Education.

2/22/2016 Christian News Wire, 'My School' TV Program Teaches Potential 'Lost Generation' Children in Refugee Camps

2/22/2016 Mission Network News, SAT-7 Celebrates One Year in Turkey

2/04/2016 Mission Network News, Answered Prayer in Egypt

1/18/2016 Mission Network News, A Place of Refuge and Hope to a Generation of War

1/08/2016   Mission Network News, SAT-7 Documents a Street View of Immigration

1/05/2016  Cristianity Today, Christian TV Helps ISIS Survivors

12/31/2015 Christianity Today, The 10 Most-Read Stories of the Persecuted Church

12/27/2015 Mission Network News, SAT-7 Educates Hurting Kids

12/25/2015 Mission Network News, SAT-7 Asks Kids Big Questions, Gets Big Answers

12/17/2015 Cross Map, My School is a Safe Place to Learn and Grow 

12/08/2015 Mission Network News, Lebanon Unites for Change

12/03/2015 Mission Network News, An Update on Myriam, the Picture of Grace and Mercy

11/23/2015 Mission Network News, SAT-7 Answers Fear with Hope

11/07/2015 The Fort Scott Tribune, Finding her Christian Self in the Midst of Muslims

11/06/2015 Mission Network News, 10,000 Refugees to Resettle in the United States

11/04/2015 Mission Network News, Christian News Makes Headlines

10/27/2015 Mission Netweork News, SAT-7 PARS: No Missed Calls

10/2/2015 Mission Network News, Christian Television Station Stands Out in Turkey

9/21/2015 Mission Network News, No Caller Left Behind for SAT-7 PARS

9/04/2015 Mission Network News, SAT-7 Program Handles a Skeptic

8/26/2015 Mission Network News, Isolated Christians Given Opportunity to worship 

8/21/2015 Mission Network News, SAT-7 Taught People to Recognize, Respect, and Assist Those with Disabilities

8/04/2015 Mission Network News, Refugee Children Receive Education through Television

7/29/2015 Mission Network News, Using History to Inspire Iranian House Churches

7/17/2015 Assyrian International News Agency, Unafraid of ISIS, Iraqi Assyrian Girl's Faith Beyond Viral

 6/26/2015 Mission Network News, One Year Anniversary of ISIS Taking Over Mosul

6/23/2015 Mission Network News, 'Closure' Movie Encourages Families of Martyrs

6/20/2015 A World at School, World Refugee Day: TV show teaches Arab Children Who are Out of School

6/2/2015 Mission Network News, A Convergence of History in the Middle East

6/1/2015 Mission Network News, Former Military Base Houses Vulnerable Girls

5/21/2015 Mission Network News, SAT-7 Reunites Best Friends

5/15/2015 Church Times, Arab Christian TV Provides Lessons for Refugee Children

4/27/2015 Mission Network News, Cookbook Connects Your Kitchen with the Middle East

4/21/2015 Mission Network News, Helping underground believers understand the Old Testament

4/6/2015 EWTN, World Over - 2015-04-02 - Full Episode with Raymond Arroyo  

4/3/2015 The Gospel Herald, Largest Christian Ministry to Children Releases New Bible App for Kids That Help Form Habit of Studying God's Word
 3/31/2015 PRWEB, KIDZ™ App Adds Android Platform; Continues to Enhance Bible Experience for Children

 3/26/2015 KLOVE, Faith of a Child: Myriam Forgives ISIS

3/23/2015 Mission Network News, SAT-7 helps kids in the Middle East continue learning

3/20/2015 Catholic Vote, Out of the Mouth of Babes

3/17/2015 The Christian Post, Forgiving ISIS: SAT-7 Interview with Children from Ainkawa Mall in Erbil Iraq (VIDEO)

3/17/15 Vatican Radio, Sat 7 TV bringing hope to Christians across Middle East

3/17/15 Christianity Today, Forgiving ISIS: Christian ‘Resistance’ Videos Go Viral in Arab World

3/16/15 Mission Network News, Message of forgiveness goes viral

3/9/15 CBN The Global Lane, Viral Video: Iraqi Girl Forgives ISIS

3/7/15 Eyewitness News 12, Witchita, Middle East TV station shares stories of hope

3/4/15 Mission Network News, Iraqi Child Forgives ISIS

2/23/15  World, Turkey gets first Christian TV station 

2/20/15  Mission Network News, Believers pray for comfort, pray for killers 

2/18/15  Christian Today, Brother of slain Coptic Christians thanks ISIS for including their words of faith in murder video

2/17/15  Mission Network News, Türksat 4A to air SAT-7 TÜRK

2/11/15    Mission Network News, Secret of Life goes live for Afghans

2/6/15    Mission Network News, TV show helps children express themselves through art

1/21/15   Mission Network News, Freedom of expression in the Middle East 

1/17/15   The Christian Post, Press Freedom: What Is the Point of Offending Religions? 

1/13/15   Mission Network News, Women helping women in the Middle East and North Africa 

1/9/15     Mission Network News, Sports program the first of its kind for SAT-7 

12/26/14  Mission Network News, Sharing hope where it was lost 

12/3/14  Mission Network News, In face of ISIS brutality,faith holds 

11/20/14  Mission Network News, A time to celebrate for SAT-7 

11/01/14  The War Cry, SAT-7 Vocuses on Viewers' Real Lives 

10/31/14  Mission Network News, Iraqi Refugees Tell Their Story

10/30/14  Mission Network News. Fear was present, faith was stronger  

10/28/14  Mission Network News. Television bug for SAT-7 

10/27/14  Mission Network News. ISIS attacks create hunger for scripture 

10/17/14  Mission Network News. SAT-7 gives hope to Middle Easterners 

10/9/14  Mission Network News. Christians in Egypt press on 

10/2/14  Mission Network News. Iran gets new Farsi Bible translation

9/11/14  Mission Network News, Lebanese Christians ready for ISIS invasion 

8/19/14  Mission Network News, ISIS Threatens Lebanon 

8/12/14  Christian Post, Boy in Egypt Calls Only Arabic Christian Television Station for Kids With Amazing Prayer for Iraq, Arab Countries 

8/5/14   Mission Network News, Stories in the Sand: Sand Artist Uses Art for God 

7/31/14 Mission Network News, Television addresses Iraq and Gaza

7/30/14  Delmarva Life, Interviews Ruth Thomas

7/29/14  WKNZ Radio, Interviews Ruth Thomas (mp3) 

7/24/14  Missions Network News, Christian TV brings hope to Middle East

7/22/14  Missions Network News, Why are the seven deadly sins deadly? A television drama to answer

7/14/14  Missions Network News, Meeting special needs

7/11/14  Ethics Daily, As Christians Flee Iraq, Doors of Opportunity Remain Open

7/9/14    Mission Network News, ISIS threatens Lebanon; presidential candidates talk faith

7/3/14    Mission Network News, Talking about Forbidden topics 

6/20/14   Meet Michael Romany, Egypt's first sand artist and the feature presenter of a new SAT-7 KIDS program, Stories in the Sand: Daily News Egypt, Artist brings revolution to life with sand

6/19/14   Christian Today, Iraq crisis: Muslims will suffer just as much as Christians   

6/13/14   Mission Network News, Alarm as militants overrun northern Iraq 

6/11/14   Mission Network News, Faith Comes by Hearing and Sat-7 partnership growing broader audience 

6/6/14     Mission Network News, Spiritual food through TEACH 

6/1/14     Independent Catholic News, Middle East Christian TV station celebrates 18 years broadcasting

5/30/14   Church of England Newspaper (CEN), SCENE Magazine, May 2014   

4/28/14   Mission Network News, Spring cleaning with SAT-7  

3/25/14   Mission Network News, Nations gather in Turkey for Network 2014 

3/17/14   Mission Network News, SAT-7 wins prizes for quality film production 

3/13/14   Charisma Magazine, Hope Is Within Reach 

3/3/14    Mission Network News, Kids are in safe hands 

2/26/14  Christian Today, Lying Christians: believers divided by culture 

2/21/14   The Christian Post, NRB 2014: Thousands of Christian Media Professionals Expected at Annual National Religious Broadcasters Conference  

2/18/14    Mission Network News, SAT-7 Starts Middle East HOPE Fund  

2/10/14    Mission Network News, SAT-7 Witnesses Stalwart Strength, Christians Amid Deadly Violence 

2/3/14    Mission Network News, Living in the new Egypt  

1/24/14    Mission Network News, Arab Spring: three years later 

1/16/14    Mission Network News, New TV show tackles tension

1/15/14    Satnews Daily, SAT-7...Sits Well With Arab American Christians (SatBroadcasting™) 

1/10/14    Mission Network News, Social Media: good or bad?

12/27/13  Mission Network News, New Satellite Channel planned in 2014  

12/20/13  Mission Network News, Bringing smiles to Farsi-speaking children 

12/11/13  Mission Network News, Kids ministry celebrates 6th anniversary  

10/25/13 Christianity Today, Move Over, Al Jazeera: Arabic Christian TV Also Comes to America

10/24/13 Mission Network News, A new partnership creates potential to reach millions more with the Gospel

10/12/13 Ecumenical News, Arab Christians get satellite network TV coverage in North America

10/09/13 Mission Network News, SAT-7 North America brings Arab-American Christians 'A Voice from Home'

10/08/13 Christian NewsWire, SAT-7 Launches North American Arabic Channel Nov. 3

10/02/13 The Daily Signal, Satellite TV: Empowering Women in the Middle East and North Africa

9/26/13 Mission Network News, SAT-7 Is Working on New Television Shows for Children

9/07/13 World Magazine, Egypt Burns

9/09/13 Mission Network News, Overcoming Persecution with the Egyptian Church

9/04/13 The Christian Broadcasting Network, Syrian Christian Ministers to Countrymen via TV

8/27/13 ChristianNewsWire™, SAT-7 Producer Receives Lebanese Center Human Rights Journalism Award

8/27/13 CrossMap, SAT-7 Producer Receives Lebanese Center Human Rights Journalism Award

8/22/13 American Bible Society, Bringing God's Word to Asia Minor

08/16/13 CrossMap, SAT-7 Brings Firsthand Clarity to Western Media Misunderstanding of Deadly Crackdown

on Egyptian Protesters

08/05/13 Christian Today, SAT-7 wins human rights award

07/02/13 Mission Network News, Army steps into Egyptian chaos

06/21/13 Vatican Radio, Broadcasting the love of Christ across the Middle East

06/17/13 Mission Network News, Syrian crisis is erasing the next generation

06/13/13 Mission Network News, Honor killing survivor speaks out

06/04/13 Mission Network News, Unique needs met with creative response in the Middle East

05/30/13 The Christian Post, Christian Broadcaster Launches SAT-7 ARABIC YouTube Live Channel

04/30/13 Mission Network News, Wading through Misinformation on Syrian Bishops 

04/26/13 Eternity Newspaper, Proclaiming Christ via satellite

02/20/13 SPECIAL REPORT: Christians in Syria facing a new, unexpected tragedy, 
by Metropolitan Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim from Aleppo, Syria

11/28/12 The Lausanne Movement, Being a Christian Broadcaster in a Changing Media World 

02/12/12 The Star Democrat, Egypt's SAT-7 Executive Director, Farid Samir, Guest Speaker at Area Luncheon

09/14/2011 Huffington Post, SAT-7: Christian TV Expands Its Middle East/North Africa Footprint

02/11/11 Christianity Today, Egypt's Christians after Mubarak

01/11/11 ASSIST News, After Church Bombing, SAT-7 and the Egyptian Church Work to Advance a Message of Peace

04/20/07 ASSIST News, Man Who Played Jesus Christ in TURK-7 Easter Broadcast Martyred

10/20/05 Christianity Today, Moderating Morocco: Christians combat Muslim fears, stereotypes



8/20/12 Cornerstone TV: Is there any hope for the Middle East? Part 1 

8/20/12 Cornerstone TV: Is there any hope for the Middle East? Part 2 

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