SAT-7 TÜRK broadcasts programming designed to help a non-Christian audience understand the beliefs and teaching of their neighbors who follow Christ, while teaching, training and encouraging the often isolated Christian community within Turkey.

Although Christians are only a fraction of Turkey’s 77 million people, in many places, the Turkish Church is vibrant and growing. SAT-7 TÜRK  helps these followers of Christ to show the wider Turkish community that it is possible to be Turkish and be a follower of Christ.

The channel is even watched in surrounding Turkish-speaking countries. Bulgarian Pastor Dahil Emin tells people about SAT-7 TÜRK everywhere he goes. He says, "The message I want to give viewers is that when they watch SAT-7 TÜRK, they will understand the truth. Our souls are precious and our exalted God loves us and wants all of us to be saved."

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To tune in to SAT-7 TÜRK, go to the Türksat 4A satellite at 42º East, transponder 33 (11,825 MHz Vertical)


SAT-7 TÜRK airs online 24 hours a day at

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