Meet Martha Sue and Ginger (pictured right and lower right), SAT-7 volunteers with a passion for ministry. If God is leading you to help spread the word about our unique and strategic ministry to the Middle East and North Africa, getting started can be as simple as having a conversation. We invite you to consider volunteering in the U.S. by taking any of the steps listed below.

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Become a SAT-7 Volunteer!


SAT-7 Volunteer, Martha Sue Batt explains why SAT-7 is important to her and her family.

  • Share...Word of mouth is invaluable. Just talking about SAT-7 with your pastor, friends, and neighbors makes a difference to millions of people in the Middle East and North Africa who are desperate to hear about God's grace.
  • Host...Invite SAT-7 to speak (or when you're ready, you can speak) about the ministry at your church, home, or other location.
  • Represent...Promote SAT-7 at church meetings, conferences, Bible studies, seminars, or other events.
  • Welcome...Be available to meet with people in your local area who express interest in SAT-7's mission. Often times, a personal contact is all it takes to encourage someone to get involved in SAT-7's timely opportunity to use technology to communicate Truth.
  • Network...Be strategic in cultivating interest in SAT-7 through presentations to local civic, professional, or humanitarian organizations.
  • Travel...Visit the SAT-7 studios in Cyprus, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, or the United Kingdom on a SAT-7 Vision Trip with friends interested in Middle East ministry. Coordinate mission trips with SAT-7 staff and help others to see for themselves what God is doing to bring light into a spiritually dark region. 
  • Join...Join Women for Middle East HOPE! Reach across borders to connect hearts and hands with the serious spiritual and practical needs of Middle Eastern and North African women to produce real change.


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