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Status of the church

The state reports that 96% of Azerbaijan’s population is Muslim. Christians, Jews, and Baha’is together make up the remaining four percent. Although the constitution protects freedom of religious expression, the government can restrict freedom of worship. Religious literature is censored. In 2009, a religion law was passed requiring all religious groups to go through a complicated government registration process. In the time since then, religious persecution has escalated in Azerbaijan.

It is estimated 280,000 Christians are living throughout Azerbaijan (Pew Research Center).

Widespread corruption in the private and public sectors has stagnated long-term growth in the country. Freedom of expression and assembly is limited in Azerbaijan, which has seen a government crackdown on activists, journalists, and bloggers who oppose the ruling party. Satellite television is widely accessible, and according to the CIA World Factbook, 78% of the population has Internet access.


Prayer points

  • Pray that democracy is established and human rights are protected.
  • Pray that registration problems that prevent some churches from freely operating are resolved and that God will give His strength and peace to churches facing restrictions.

What our viewers are saying

Thank you so much for this {SAT‑7} program that is filled with the Word of God. It is more than wonderful and the best that I watch. God bless you."
— Viewer from Azerbaijan
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