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Status of the church

Bahrain has a large migrant population – only 45% of residents are citizens. It is more religiously diverse than other Gulf states; Muslims make up 70% of the total population, and 14.5% of all residents are Christian. The country is also home to Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Baha’is, and Jews. Religious affiliation is associated with identity. Any Muslims who wish to change their religion face societal pressure not to do so.

Most people in Bahrain have access to higher education, and over 95% of the population is literate (CIA World Factbook). Almost 50% are immigrants, creating a diverse culture and a disparity in jobs and wealth. Unemployment in the nation is 15% (World Culture Encyclopedia).

Satellite television is commonplace, with 98% of people being Internet users (CIA World Factbook).


Prayer points

  • Pray for peaceful relations between different communities and for an end to the unrest in the country.
  • Pray that new believers who endure opposition and pressure will know God’s peace and love throughout the trials they face.

What our viewers are saying

I want to thank God for SAT‑7 and especially its educational programs. SAT‑7 makes me feel safe … and I feel like I’m home. [SAT‑7] is a blessing among all the wars we are seeing nowadays."
— Parent in Mauritania
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