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Status of the church

Shiite Islam is the official religion of Iran and accounts for 90% of the population. Another 5-10% are Sunni. Christianity, Judaism, and Zoroastrianism are officially recognized in Iran and even have seats in parliament, but other religious sects are not. Armenian and Assyrian (Nestorian) Christian churches are tolerated but are tightly controlled. Churches are banned from serving those from Muslim backgrounds. Amazingly, many people are coming to faith in Iran, and a growing network of underground churches meets secretly.

The Iranian constitution grants freedom of religion. Article 23 states, “The investigation of individuals’ beliefs is forbidden, and no one may be molested or [reprimanded] simply for holding a certain belief” (Amnesty International). But there have been repeated incidents of executions of Iranian Christians for apostasy in the past several years.

More than 40% of Iranians are under 25 but face a lack of opportunity. Many seek work overseas. Others turn to drugs; because of its proximity to Afghanistan’s poppy fields, Iran has one of the world’s highest rates of opiate addiction. The country is also home to hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghan refugees, and reports of human trafficking have increased in recent years.


Prayer points

  • Praise God for an increasing hunger for spiritual truth within Iran’s general population.
  • Pray for justice and peace for the victims of violence and persecution.
  • Pray for people struggling to make ends meet and for those gripped by addiction and depression to find freedom in Christ.
  • Pray for SAT-7 PARS’ ministry to all ages to bring hope and spiritual guidance and that the teaching programs will equip and protect the Church from heresy.

What our viewers are saying

Thousands of believers, including myself, are always waiting to hear from you at SAT‑7 PARS (for Iran). Please teach us the Word of God. Since I have become a believer, I have read the Bible 14 times, and yet I still don’t know many things. But with your guidance, I will learn. May the Lord preserve you"
— Woman in Iran
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