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Status of the church

Located at the meeting point of three continents, Lebanon is a place of great cultural and religious diversity. Lebanon is 59% Muslim and 39% Christian, with 2% accounting for other religious minorities. There are fears about the increasing Muslim majority due to increased attacks on Lebanese Christians. Many Christians claim they are only protected because they are represented in government – a unique trait in a Middle Eastern country. Parliamentary member, Gahzi Yousef, has spoken of the importance of keeping the Christian community in Lebanon intact to maintain diversity but fears that too many Christians are emigrating. (International Christian Concern) The Shia militia Hezbollah, which controls large parts of the country, also harasses Sunnis and other groups it perceives as a threat.

Since the end of the 15-year civil war, approximately 350,000 Lebanese remain internally displaced, which has resulted in the isolation of large portions of the population. There also remain almost 400,000 Palestinian refugees in southern Lebanon, who have not been allowed to return to Palestine following the 1948 Arab-Israeli War (Middle East Concern).

Lebanon’s literacy rate is at an average of 93.9% of the population aged 15 and above. Of a population of 6.2 million (2016 estimate), some 74% have access to the internet. (CIA World Factbook) According to SAT-7 surveys carried out in 2008, 6.6% of the population has watched SAT-7 or continue to watch it.


Prayer points

  • Pray that peace will return to Lebanon after years of warfare and civil unrest.
  • Pray that the Christian minority can turn to one another for support.
  • Pray that the Muslim and Christian communities will be able to coexist and work together to rebuild Lebanon.
  • Pray that internally displaced people within Lebanon can either return home or find and create new ones.

What our viewers are saying

I watch all of your live shows. Sometimes I watch for 4-5 hours a day. I owe the changes in my life to SAT‑7’s programs; I don’t have any other source, as I have no Christian friends and no Bible."
— Lebanon
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