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Status of the church

There are an estimated 414,000 Christians in Qatar, accounting for roughly 13.7% of the population. Islam is Qatar’s state religion. Under the country’s legal system, based on sharia law, proselytizing is illegal, and conversion from Islam is officially punishable by death. The government recognizes only Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, and public worship and outreach by non-Muslim groups are restricted. New Christian groups must receive official status, which can be difficult to obtain before meeting legally. There are no crucifixes or paintings on the outside walls of church buildings, as it is forbidden to display non-Muslim symbols.

Qatar is one of the most liberal of the Gulf States towards women, legally permitting them to drive and vote. Male and female adult literacy rates are almost equal at 89.5% and 88%, respectively.

Qatar has a poor record of respecting labor rights, with employers often accused of promising high wages, then underpaying workers, and subjecting them to unfair contracts. Qatar also struggles with human trafficking due to the regular influx of immigrants.


Prayer points

  • Pray for Christians in Qatar who may face barriers in their worship and other activities. Pray that God will give them strength and peace.
  • Pray for citizens who may face opposition and pressure if they decide to change their faith. Ask God to protect those who become Christians, for whom the cost of discipleship may be high.
  • Pray for freedom, justice, and healing for victims of human trafficking or forced labor.
  • Pray for the health and well-being of the migrant workers in Qatar who currently face challenges and hardships in their labor.

What our viewers are saying

Thank you SAT‑7 for this brilliant ministry, video and audio, you are perfect. God bless you all. God is Good.” Another mother, Shereen, said: “Despite me not being a Christian, I adore your respected channel.” A young mother, Jinan in Lebanon, said: “You are the best channel for my child. He keeps watching you on TV and participates in your programs. Also, he keeps holding the cellphone and watches you on Facebook. I need to thank you because we got attached to you, and we can find you everywhere, either by TV or by Social Media."
— Mother, Shereen
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