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South Sudan

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Status of the church

The population of South Sudan is one of the few in the Middle East that has a Christian majority, with many different denominations represented. There is also a significant Muslim minority. Many people in rural areas practice traditional African beliefs.

The 2011 transitional constitution allows for freedom of religion and forbids religious discrimination. Members of different religions generally live side-by-side in peace, and faith groups have promoted peacebuilding since the current civil violence broke out.

The violence in South Sudan, already one of the world’s least developed countries, has displaced millions. More than half the population is on the brink of famine. There are documented systematic human rights abuses, including rape, killing, pillaging, and the use of child soldiers.

FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) is a widespread practice in South Sudan, with an estimated 87% of girls and women affected (Unicef).

Approximately 11.8 million in South Sudan have access to the Internet.


Prayer points

  • Pray for peace in South Sudan and an end to the horrendous violence against civilians.
  • Pray that aid supplies will reach the millions who are desperately in need and that the displaced will find safety.
  • Give thanks that Christian leaders are promoting peace and ask God to strengthen them and bless their efforts.

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I watch all of your live shows. Sometimes I watch for 4-5 hours a day. I owe the changes in my life to SAT‑7’s programs; I don’t have any other source, as I have no Christian friends and no Bible."
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