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Status of the church

Islam is the state religion, and the constitution stipulates that the President must be Muslim. Around 99% of Tunisia is Sunni Muslim, with a 1% Christian population and a significant Jewish minority (Middle East Concern).

Conversion from Islam to another religion is not forbidden, but it is frowned upon, and there are reports of discrimination in employment and academic opportunities because of religion. The government does not view Christians as a threat to the state and leaves them to practice in relative freedom. However, this freedom is tenuous in these times of great political and religious turmoil throughout the nation. On a smaller scale, there is much social and familial pressure placed upon local believers, discouraging many from following their faith openly.

Around 15% of Tunisians are unemployed, and 15% live below the poverty line. There are widespread problems with child labor and exploitation. Tunisia has been in an official state of emergency since being targeted by two terrorist attacks in 2015.

The state owns Publinet (Middle East Concern), the only internet provider in the country, which blocks access to various sites and monitors political activity. There are 7.4 million internet users (over half of the population) in Tunisia (CIA World Factbook). As of 2021, SAT-7 is equipping and supporting a team in Tunisia called Perpetua that is producing Christian programs for Tunisians watching SAT-7 ARABIC.


Prayer points

  • Pray that the rights of children, workers, and citizens are respected throughout Tunisia.
  • Pray for new believers who may feel isolated and under pressure, asking God to draw near to them and provide opportunities for fellowship and community.
  • Give thanks that the government allows Christians to worship freely and pray that this will continue.
  • Pray for the continued production of new SAT-7 programs for Tunisians.

What our viewers are saying

I was watching the different testimonies of many people who had an amazing experience with a God that I never knew. Today, after watching this program for two years, I gave my life to the true God. I really thank God who put this channel in my way."
— Tunisia
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