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United Arab Emirates

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Status of the church

Islam is the state religion of the United Arab Emirates. The government funds all Sunni mosques and monitors any overt religious practices, such as sermons, for political activity and content. Non-Islamic religious groups are not formally recognized by the state but are free to purchase land for places of worship and practice their religion freely within.

The UAE is considered among the most liberal of the Gulf States because they are relatively lenient on some Sharia laws. Homosexuality, for example, although illegal in practice, does not result in life imprisonment or the death penalty, as it does in various other states. The country faces numerous drug-related problems, as it is a central port for African and Asian drug traffickers heading into Europe.

The female adult literacy rate of 82% in the UAE is higher than that of men, 77%, owing to the large numbers of women now attending college (CIA World Factbook).

The UAE has 3.5 million internet users. According to surveys, around 3.4% of the population watches SAT-7 (SAT-7 Viewer Statistics 2008).


Prayer points

  • Give thanks for the acceptance of different religions within the UAE. Pray that this will continue, and residents will be free to change their religion if they wish.
  • Pray for Christians who face restrictions on some of their activities and that God will provide ways for them to share their faith.
  • Pray for freedom and healing for those affected by drug-related problems and addiction.

What our viewers are saying

Thank you SAT‑7 for this brilliant ministry, video and audio, you are perfect. God bless you all. God is Good.” Another mother, Shereen, said: “Despite me not being a Christian, I adore your respected channel.” A young mother, Jinan in Lebanon, said: “You are the best channel for my child. He keeps watching you on TV and participates in your programs. Also, he keeps holding the cellphone and watches you on Facebook. I need to thank you because we got attached to you, and we can find you everywhere, either by TV or by Social Media."
— Mother, Shereen
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