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Brian Nelson

4th February 2022

Brian Nelson joined the SAT-7 team in January 2022. Originally from Michigan, Brian and his wife Tracie live near Charlotte, NC and are parents of two grown children. Prior to his donor engagement work with SAT-7, Brian worked in the field of Donor Development for Bethesda Lutheran Communities in Wisconsin and Calvary Christian Schools in Fruitport, MI. Much of his career has been spent in the radio. He spent twelve years as a Christian radio host, and later worked thirteen years as Producer of NASCAR race coverage for a national radio network. Motivated by Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 6, Brian is driven to build the Kingdom of God through engaging with SAT-7 donors to minister to the people of the Middle East and North Africa. Brian is an avid Detroit Tigers fan, is active in his church music and theater programs, and enjoys classic movies, cross country running, and working as public address announcer for local sports events.

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