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John Frick

30th June 2021

With 34 years of increasing responsibilities in operations, administration, and senior management of financial-related and non-profit organizations, John has demonstrated experience and expertise in fundraising, corporate finance, organizational management, sales, and personal development.  John has used those skills with organizations such as Food for the Hungry, Medical Teams International and most recently as the Vice President of Development at Feed the Children (a relief and development organization headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma).  In addition, John is an ordained Minister and has served on multiple local and national faith-based boards and leadership teams. He is passionate about taking the gospel of Jesus Christ in tangible ways to the physically and spiritually impoverished around the world.

John is a gifted speaker and has had many opportunities to address civic, political, and church groups regarding various current events and issues.  He is passionate about the cause of the poor both in spirit and in body, as well as giving a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves.  John earned a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry from Anderson School of Theology, a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, a Bachelor of Arts in Religion from Anderson University, as well as conducted graduate work in Adult Education at Arizona State University.  John enjoys basketball, riding wave runners, snow skiing, attending sporting events, the theater, and musical concerts.  John and his wife Debbie moved from their home in Phoenix, Arizona to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 2013.

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