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Michael Baldree

4th March 2022

Michael Baldree joined the SAT-7 team in January 2022.

Michael began his career in the mortgage banking industry as a loan officer and branch manager. Michael won multiple awards as a top producer, and he led a turnaround of an underperforming branch that grew to generate $3.6 million in annual revenue.

After almost a decade in mortgage banking, Michael and his family moved to the Middle East, where they lived and worked for 8 years establishing a church and cultural center. They lived in a city of 1.5 million, where almost the entire population had never heard the Gospel. Through prayer and building relationships in the local community, Michael saw God do amazing things in this city in the Middle East.

After returning to the United States, Michael most recently served as the CFO of a large church in Dayton, Ohio.

As an ordained minister, Michael is a gifted speaker with almost 15 years of preaching experience. Michael earned his MDiv from Ashland Theological Seminary and his B.A. from Evangel University.

Michael is married to his wife Cheri and they have 3 children. Michael enjoys weightlifting, playing basketball with his sons, and reading about the Middle East.

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