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Rita El‑Mounayer

21st July 2021

Rita began her media career as a radio host and producer with Far Eastern Broadcasting Associates radio in 1992. She joined SAT-7 in 1995 before it had broadcast a single program. When the channel launched, Rita hosted its first program, Ears of Wheat (in Arabic, Asanabel). This program ran for 12 years and became one of the SAT-7’s most successful programs.

Initially serving as host and producer, her role soon expanded to programming director for all children’s programs on SAT-7. In 2004, she also became programming director for all of the Arabic programs at SAT-7. Then, with the launch of SAT-7 KIDS in 2007, her dream of launching the first independent, Arabic Christian channel for children became a reality. In 2008, Rita was named executive director for SAT-7 ARABIC and SAT-7 KIDS.

In 2016, SAT-7 was poised for growth, and key leaders took on more responsibilities. It was then that Rita began to serve in the newly created position, Chief Channels and Communications Officer (CCO). She oversaw three Arabic channels, one Persian/Farsi channel, and one Turkish channel – with more than 150 staff and freelancers, distributed across studios in Lebanon, Egypt, Cyprus, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

On April 1, 2019, SAT-7 appointed Rita as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Rita says, “My prayer is that during my lifetime and time of service as CEO of SAT-7, we will see millions of viewers sharing their testimony as to how God’s message changed their lives, and we will rejoice together that we made a difference.”

Born in Lebanon, Rita lived through the violence of the Lebanese Civil War when she was a young girl. She and her sister found refuge from the horrors around them by watching television cartoons. She hoped someday to become involved in media to bring joy to children – just as the cartoons had done for her – while broadcasting hope in Christ.

Rita first-served SAT-7 in Lebanon, and since 2005, she has served SAT-7 in Cyprus. Rita holds an M.A. in Communications from Cardiff University, Wales. 

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