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8th March 2022

Today on International Women’s Day, SAT-7 programs across the Middle East and North Africa aspire for women to be heard and equipped within society, calling on women and men to work together to reflect God’s glory and acknowledge their equal value in families and communities. 

On SAT-7’s Persian channel, SAT-7 PARS, women’s program Insiders will focus its International Women’s Day episode on the needs of female-headed households. The program will give space for women to talk about the financial, psychological, and cultural difficulties they face as single parents managing families following divorce, separation, immigration, or widowhood.  

The SAT-7 TÜRK program Homemade will also tackle the issues of gender-based violence, workplace discrimination, and social inequality in its episode on March 8. The episode will be dedicated to all Turkish women who have been fighting to make their voices heard and to work towards gender equality in a context where femicide rates are very high. 

The SAT-7 ACADEMY educational content stream will share special social media spots and videos for International Women’s Day, as will SAT-7 TÜRK and SAT-7 ARABIC. 

SAT-7’s work to give women and girls an accessible platform to be heard, to equip and encourage each other, and to contribute to changes in their society is a long-term priority for the ministry across its platforms. 


UNICEF’s most recent situational analysis has ranked the Middle East and North Africa region as having made the slowest progress on gender equality.1 In this context especially, the push for breaking bias, stereotypes, and discrimination, as well as celebrating women’s value and forging women’s equality, needs all of us. 

“To really change society, it is key to also work with men; to restore our relationship with men. Men and women together can reflect God’s glory,” said Sara Eid, SAT-7 ARABIC Presenter on The Secret Within.

This is the vision for our program: to be a lighthouse for women and a guide for men. 

Please pray for those who are teaching audiences of women and men about women’s value in His eyes through SAT-7. Pray today that these voices will impact many who hear them in the Middle East and North Africa, and that hearts and minds will be changed to pave the way for greater equality.




Feature image: The Secret Within Presenters Mira Motassem, Sara Eid, and Yola Shafik (left to right).

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