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Growing up with SAT-7

22nd July 2021

As SAT-7 celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year, an Egyptian woman remembers her lifelong journey and long-term relationship with the SAT-7 Arabic language channels.

“I would like to wish you all a very happy anniversary, and I pray wholeheartedly [for you] for many long years to come. I am lost for words. I keep your channel on all day long. No matter what I am doing throughout my day, I keep on benefiting from your programs,” she said. 

This Egyptian viewer* has seen a plethora of SAT-7 programming over the years and still finds relevant things to watch.

In her message, she added that she started watching SAT-7 KIDS as a young girl and later followed SAT-7 ARABIC as an adult.

“You are not just a channel broadcasting some programs. There are people behind the scenes who work hard to serve us with programs for all life stages,” she said. 

“I am so grateful for each program, presenter, cameraman, and for all those behind the scenes. I really thank God for you all. What I like in SAT-7 is that those serving [the ministry] are from different Christian denominations and are one in Christ. This is the message of love,” she said. 

She prayed that SAT-7 continues in wisdom and strength with the Lord’s guidance.  

“One of my dreams and wishes is for me to meet with the SAT-7 people. I hope to see you in the Egypt studios.”

Thank you for sharing God’s love across many stages of life! Please give to broadcast more Hope-filled programs to women, men, and children throughout the Middle East and North Africa. 


*Photo is representative.

Top image: Women’s program The Secret Within produced in SAT-7 Egypt studios.

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