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3rd December 2021

SAT-7 KIDS is introducing a host of exciting and engaging new content for its young Arabic-speaking audiences, along with updated graphics and the news that programs will now be available in high definition (HD) on the on-demand service SAT-7 PLUS and all Arabic social media platforms.

“The new SAT-7 KIDS content has been adapted for the new generation – for their interests and their need for engagement. It ensures the delivery of the message in a new, interactive way, following the trend driven by social media and influencers, but in its own biblical way and led by our mission and vision,” said Maroun Bou Rached, Executive Director of SAT-7 Lebanon. 

The new content includes a series of short spots featuring the voices of 100 children from across the region on a variety of topics, from children’s and women’s rights to the needs of refugees. New  Verse of the Day  spots are also helping young viewers learn God’s Word through repetition across each day. Starting this month, the schedule will also include a new season of the flagship program Bedtime Stories, which helps youngsters fall asleep peacefully after hearing about God’s love for them. 

SAT-7 ACADEMY programs in the channel’s new schedule include Challenge Accepted, a new incarnation of the educational support program  Follow Up  that sees children take part in challenges and competitions around writing, robotics, the environment, and theater. In addition to the new satellite programs, through social media, children can watch video from a series called  Coaching for Youth, which offers advice on a variety of topics, as well as arts and crafts activity ideas and music therapy.

Along with the new spots, programs, and social media videos – which further SAT-7 KIDS’ key aim of producing quality programs that meet viewers’ changing needs – the channel’s team is excited that viewers can now watch programs in high-definition on SAT-7 PLUS and social media. 

“The SAT-7 KIDS digital live stream switching to high definition is the right investment in the right place,” said SAT-7 Broadcast and IT Director Antoine Karam. “The majority of the younger generation is more present online, whether they are holding a phone, tablet, or laptop or watching their smart TV. Today, children’s go-to destination is not satellite but online, where they can watch their favorite programs on demand without needing to be tied to the room where the television is. 

“By making high-definition programs available online, SAT-7 remains innovative, maximizing our impact without compromising on the most recent technology,” Antoine continues. 

Other new SAT-7 KIDS programs introduced in the past year include A Story and A Verse, a new program made in the Gulf dialect that teaches children Bible stories and important Christian values such as humility, forgiveness, and patience, and Taktaka, a new, fast-paced social media-style program including music videos and other fun segments.  

Popular existing programs such as Allo Marianne, Bible Heroes, and Chato continue for loyal and long-term viewers. As Allo Marianne  began its new season, the team heard from viewer Mabrouk from Egypt, who said, “I have learned a lot from Allo Marianne, like how to get closer to God. I’ve started to notice many things I didn’t before. I’ve also learned to share with my parents and to respect others. I love the program a lot.” 


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