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New SAT-7 Program Helps Children Overcome Trauma

14th October 2022

Children are the most vulnerable people during conflicts, harvesting the fruit of traumatic events and carrying it with them into adulthood. SAT7 KIDS is creating a new program to help children suffering from trauma. 

Why Is That? is a television series for children that addresses trauma from both biblical and psychological viewpoints.

“Basically, the idea is that if a child (or anyone) has not addressed their trauma, they cannot connect with their family, with others, or with God, so if you want someone to know Christ, you need to address trauma,” says Mona Hennein, President and CEO of Life Focus, with whom SAT‑7 Egypt has produced the program.

The 13-part series addresses children’s trauma caused by poverty, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and religious persecution, through drama segments, entertainment, and Bible verses.

“Adults are the principal cause of children’s traumas, so we are trying to make the show as interesting as possible for parents. I hope they will watch and see the effect of their actions on their children,” said Andrea Zakaria, Executive Producer of the program.

Why Is That? aims to show viewers that healing is possible and available for all broken hearts.

“We want children to learn that sometimes things go well, other times not, but it’s not your fault. In the end, you know that God is in control and God is there with you,” says Hennein.

Each episode begins with a drama segment featuring a problem or a traumatic event and its effect on the children. After that, the children visit Geddo (Grandpa) in the attic. He helps the children process what they experienced, then engages with them in a game or an activity that explains a biblical truth and shines light on God’s presence in their lives, showing them how to reach out to Him in times of trouble. Every episode features a biblical story that matches the trauma.

“The Bible says that when you experience trauma, God will be with you, and He will help you and will give you the peace and the comfort that you need. The Gospel says that you need a savior. You need Jesus as your friend, and He is there for you. It’s a free gift,” says Hennein.

Why Is That? is expected to start broadcasting on SAT-7 KIDS in January 2023.

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