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Praying for Peace in the Holy Land

13th May 2021

As violence in the Holy Land escalates, SAT-7 calls for Christians around the world to unite in prayers for peace, justice, and God’s mercy for all those caught up in the violence.

Earlier this week, SAT-7’s ARABIC channel set up a crawl message on screen to encourage prayer among its millions of viewers, saying, “Innocent people in the Holy Land are facing injustice and death. We pray for truth, justice, and peace to be revealed in the Holy Land, and we pray for God’s support for the victims’ families.”

Viewers responded by calling into the channel to share their prayers, including Thomas, a young boy from Egypt, who called into the Allo Marianne program and shared his moving prayer. He asked not only for protection for those suffering but also for the perpetrators of the violence – that they may come to know Him.

“Take care of the people who are hurt. Take care of the people in the homes that were destroyed, that they will also be well. Please, Lord. Watch over the little children. Take care of the people who are waging the war, that they will come to know You, Lord. That they would be well. That they come to know Your Word and Your love and everything that is Yours, Lord. Watch over us. Watch over all of us,” Thomas prayed.

SAT-7 ARABIC also broadcasted a prayer from Pastor Jack Sara, President of Bethlehem Bible College and leader of the Alliance Church, who prayed:

“Lord, we pray for this city, the city that Your feet stood upon 2,000 years ago. We pray Lord that You give safety, peace, protection and send Your blessing on our land. Empower Your Church in the Holy Land and everywhere, so that in difficult times it would be a living testimony of Your light and love to every person. You love everyone, our blessed Lord. We pray for the Holy Land, for its safety.”

These prayers are a poignant reminder of the importance of SAT-7’s ministry in the region as a trusted platform to connect and support people across the Middle East and North Africa, especially during times of deepening crisis. This is the time when as Christians, we can model reconciliation and demonstrate God’s love for our neighbors.

Opening a global ministry prayer meeting on Wednesday afternoon, SAT-7 CEO Rita El-Mounayer asked for prayers, saying:

“There are innocent people on both sides. We pray that they can have the wisdom to recognize that they are just as they are – people with families who have already experienced the loss of loved ones. We pray for the protection of families and children caught up in the violence and ask for God’s mercy and justice to bring an end to the violence.”

· Please join us in prayer for safety and peace for all caught up in the violence.

· Please pray for Christian families on both sides of the conflict.

· Please pray for the Church in the Holy Land.

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