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15th April 2021

Sahak*, a SAT-7 viewer from Turkey, began watching SAT-7 out of curiosity but continued because of the powerful, biblically based programming.

“I was watching a program a few months ago. The person was talking about how Jesus Christ had healed a blind man. I was very impressed and continued to follow your channel,” he said.

Watching SAT-7 TÜRK made Sahak aware of the truth of the Gospel. He knew what was missing. “Since my childhood, even as a baby, I felt that there was a gap inside my soul. And to my surprise, it was Jesus who finally filled that gap.”

Maturing in faith

But Sahak faces a difficulty that many Christians endure across the Middle East and North Africa. He is fearful of being alienated from his family and friends.

“Nobody in my family knows that I believe in Jesus Christ. I did not share it with anyone. I am not ready to tell them yet.” He goes on to say, “I am a secondary school graduate. I am waiting to mature, waiting for my time to come.”

Without a group of Christians to nurture Sahak, he relies on SAT-7 to learn more about his growing Christian faith. He knows that God is using SAT-7 to help him overcome the struggles he faces.

“I would like to show this newfound love and kindness in every aspect of my life, even if it is to just one person.”

“I am now able to get to know Jesus Christ easily. There is no obstacle in the way of getting to know Him. He doesn’t want a diploma or anything else. He only wants to love us and save our souls from dying.”

Sahak’s joyful realization was possible because of SAT-7 supporters’ willingness to make the Gospel available to everyone in the Middle East and North Africa. And his hope will continue to be an example to others.

“I would like to show this newfound love and kindness in every aspect of my life, even if it is to just one person.”

Thank you for sharing the Gospel in difficult places! Donate today to broadcast the life-changing truth of Christ to more seekers like Sahak. 


*Name changed for security and photo is representative.

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