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10th September 2021

Life in Lebanon is becoming unbearable for many. SAT-7’s Beirut-based Communications Officer, Maria Al Khoury, shares her experience of the crisis that has engulfed her homeland and how by God’s grace, SAT-7 is able to continue to broadcast hope.

Lebanon is passing through one of the most complex and tough economic crises in the world. Every area of daily life for Lebanese people is affected, and in recent days the situation has worsened. Even bread has become scarce, and people are rushing to try and get it before it is completely unavailable. Water is also in short supply, and in some areas completely cut off due to a lack of electricity. Daily power cuts have increased, pharmacies are almost empty, and we have seen a return of the long lines for fuel that can cause clashes between citizens.

Every detail of life in Lebanon seems to come with problems. The cost of living has increased dramatically due to the collapse of the Lebanese Lira, leaving an estimated 78 percent of the population in poverty according to a study by the UN. Jobs have been heavily affected since many industries cannot function normally with the fuel quantities available.

Amid the continuing COVID-19 crisis, many fields of work face a dilemma. In education, for example, relying on remote learning is risky due to the lack of electricity. But returning to in-person schooling might increase the country’s coronavirus cases, putting additional strain on hospitals already struggling.

In the midst of this crisis, SAT-7’s Lebanon office has barely been able to continue functioning to make and broadcast Christian programs for SAT-7 ARABIC, SAT-7 KIDS, and the educational brand SAT-7 ACADEMY. Many non-programming staff are working from home to allow the Operations department to use the resources available to keep all productions and broadcasts on schedule.

I give thanks to God that SAT-7 is still able to broadcast hope and joy during these dark days into the homes of people able to watch in Lebanon as well as others across the Middle East and North Africa. This is possible through our programs, such as the testimony and worship program Spiritual Evening, which recently led the audience in a special prayer for Lebanon.

Our Audience Relations team also strives to support people and pray with them.

“I am from Syria, and I now live in Lebanon,” one woman recently told the team. “I cannot find a job. Thank you for praying with me and encouraging me. God is good.” I was also encouraged by another recent testimony from Lebanon, which reads, “God has given me joy and happiness on earth, and He has given me rest as well. The Lord has taught me to love others, and when Jesus entered my life and my husband’s life, we became more united. I was on the SAT-7 premises when I heard the Good News of Jesus Christ for the first time a year ago.”

SAT-7 ARABIC’s social media pages are also mobilizing prayer for Lebanon and encouraging people to stand strong together in faith. One post includes a verse that reminds people of how God answers prayers and is there all the time. The verse is from Psalm 130:1-2 and says, “Out of the depths I cry to you, Lord; Lord, hear my voice. Let your ears be attentive to my cry for mercy.” Hundreds of thousands of people are watching videos urging prayer for Lebanon.

Will you please add your voice in prayer?


Maria Al Khoury joined SAT-7 in June 2021 as a Communication Officer for the International Office. She is a fresh graduate from the Lebanese American University with a degree in Multimedia Journalism. She has worked in several events as a journalist, social media coordinator, and photographer.


To help provide hope-filled programming to people in Lebanon continuing to survive one day at a time, please consider a special gift to the Lebanese Crisis Fund. Thank you for remembering your brothers and sisters in the Middle East!

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