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SAT-7 Feature Film Nominated at Christian Film Festivals

25th August 2023

SAT-7’s first feature film, Toxic, has been chosen to participate in three Christian film festivals in the United States and Europe: the CEVMA Film Festival Jewel Awards in the Netherlands, and the Christian Family Film Festival and Faith in Film International Film Festival, both in the USA. It has previously been shown at the Salaam Film Festival in Egypt. 

Based on true stories, Toxic follows four people from different ethnic and social backgrounds, now in their 30s, who have survived violence and cruelty of various kinds. It aims to build bridges of understanding, empathy, and compassion among its viewers.

Each of the actors depicts a true story of someone from a different part of the Middle East. Indeed, one of them acts out her own story, shedding real tears during the filming of certain scenes that reminded her of her ordeal. Another presents the painful reality experienced by thousands of Syrian families that were shattered because of ISIS militias, who killed fathers, raped mothers, and kidnapped children.

The film highlights the different types of violence that each character experiences and that affect their lives negatively, from family abuse and harassment to murder. It also witnesses to Christ through its message about the importance of forgiveness. Producer John Adly says, “In their search for a cure, each character realizes in the end that revenge cannot heal their souls and that forgiveness is the way to overcome the harm done to them.”

According to Maged Mounir, Executive Director of SAT-7’s Egypt office, the movie aims to show how media can overcome arguments through storytelling and create a sense of common humanity.

“The film crew and I are so excited to know that Toxic was selected to participate in a number of film festivals,” said Maged. “Although we had planned from the start on applying to several festivals, being selected feels like a privilege because they receive hundreds of entries every year. So, this is an honor and reflects how our content and production is of a high professional standard.”

The film was funded in partnership with Norwegian Mission Society.


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