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SAT-7 Founder Honored with “Kingdom Impact” Award

25th May 2022

SAT-7 Founder and President Dr. Terence Ascott is honored to have received a Labib Madanat Kingdom Impact Award, presented by SAT-7 Partner the Strategic Resource Group (SRG).

The award honors “men and women whose self-sacrificing and courageous endeavors have conferred eternal benefit on thousands and thousands of people in the Greater Middle East, helping them on their journey to faith in Jesus Christ.” It was presented to Dr. Ascott in recognition of his more than 45 years’ leadership in media ministries in the Middle East and North Africa, including heading SAT-7 from its founding in 1995 until 2019.

Kingdom Impact 1.0

Dr. Ascott on-stage (center) at the Kingdom Impact award ceremony

Dr. Ascott was presented with the award in Stockholm, Sweden at SRG’s Middle East Summit on May 19. The award is named for Labib Madanat, a much-loved Palestinian Arab Christian who served as a leader in the Holy Land’s Bible Societies for decades and who tragically died in late 2021.

“It was humbling to receive such an award,” said Dr. Ascott. “Especially when I know so many other faithful believers in the Middle East and North Africa whom I would consider far more deserving of any such recognition.”

Rita El-Mounayer, SAT-7’s CEO, was invited to speak at the summit and spoke passionately about the vision and mission of SAT-7 to support the work and witness of the Church in the Middle East and North Africa.

Kingdom Impact 2.0

SAT-7 CEO Rita El-Mounayer speaks at the Strategic Resource Group’s Middle East Summit

“Sharing the Gospel and supporting the Church in its witness and service are the top two goals in our mission in SAT-7. Because, for a time like this, the Church is needed. And for a time like this, its shining light will strengthen people’s faith. For a time like this, people need Jesus’ love and mercy.

“What a blessing to be a platform for the Church with a capital “C”, the Church that preserved the faith for two thousand years, was persecuted, gave many martyrs, was attacked, had its buildings burnt, and still prevailed. This is the Church that we work with in SAT-7.”

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