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SAT-7 Shares Hope at the Foot of the Cross

1st April 2021

As many countries face a new surge of COVID-19, SAT-7’s special Easter programming in Arabic, Farsi, and Turkish helps viewers find new hope and life at the foot of the Cross.

This Easter, when so many churches remain unable to meet – whether we are praying at home or connecting to worship services on our televisions or online – let us give thanks for our risen and living Lord and all His provision. Let us give thanks that even as heartache continues, God goes before us. He never leaves us, and His reign goes on forever.”
– Rita El-Mounayer, SAT-7 CEO

It is this message of joy and thanksgiving in the new life we have in Christ that SAT-7 will share with its viewers this Easter, as viewers in the Middle East and North Africa live with continued uncertainty, economic struggles, and isolation. On SAT-7 ARABIC, a special series has already begun airing. Jesus is Our Sacrifice, Jesus is our Hope will encourage viewers through Holy Week to Western Easter on April 4, taking them from the Old Testament through to the Resurrection.

In addition, while many churches remain closed in the region, the channel will share Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday services from Lebanon. SAT-7 ARABIC will also share a special program from its new team in Tunis, called Easter in Tunisia.

On SAT-7 PARS, Farsi-speaking viewers are supported to refocus on Christ through Way of the Cross, a 13-part program that explores the heart of our faith.

“This Passion Week, we are talking about why Jesus needed to go to the Cross,” says Presenter Mo Sanavi. “In fact, we started the program with this: ‘Christianity without the Cross is like a forest without trees. If there is no Crucifixion, there is no Christianity. Our redemption, our freedom, our forgiveness: it is paid at the Cross.”

“Please pray for the program, that when it is broadcast, it will touch people’s hearts and bring every one of us to the Cross,” he continues. In addition to Way of the Cross, SAT-7 PARS will share Easter messages from 15 Iranian church leaders. SAT-7 TÜRK will share a special message from the Patriarch of the Armenian Orthodox Church. And across all SAT-7’s channels, including SAT-7 KIDS, regular weekly live shows will have a special focus on Easter.

SAT-7’s viewers are also sharing encouraging words with our teams and with one another.

“Christ’s death is the most amazing and emotive topic – the hardest and most painful of deaths on the cross,” says one SAT-7 PARS viewer. “All death is sad and grievous and is accompanied by mourning and weeping. But the death of Jesus Christ is met with joy and a celebration of victory. Why is it so? Because He rose from the dead and opened a way through death that leads to everlasting life. Hallelujah! What a great privilege to be in Christ because we too will rise with Him!”

On behalf of all SAT-7’s teams, may you know the great joy and hope of Christ this Easter.

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