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Status of the church

In a population of more than 37 million, there are only 2,000-6,000 Moroccan Christians. 99% of the current population is Sunni Muslim, with the remainder consisting of a significant Jewish minority. Local Christian groups and some other minorities are refused official registration and cannot operate legally. Moroccan believers are subject to government surveillance and are occasionally detained and questioned. Fearing pressure from family, some believers follow Jesus in complete secrecy.

Although Morocco has made economic progress in recent years, unemployment remains high, especially among young people. The literacy rate remains at 69%. Approximately 19.6 million Moroccans have access to the internet. Surveys conducted in 2008 show that 7.6% of Morocco’s population have watched or watch SAT-7.


Prayer points

  • Pray that Morocco remains a peaceful country for all its citizens.
  • Pray that the government continues its fight against the illicit drug trade.
  • Ask God to console and bring peace to the victims of violence and injustice.
  • Pray for unity among the Christian communities in Morocco, and that believers will be allowed to worship freely.
  • Praise God that SAT-7 can broadcast Christian programs in the Moroccan dialect into the country.

What our viewers are saying

I’m from Morocco and I'm 19 years old. Though many people surround me, I have no one to talk to. I am so grateful to the Lord for your help and advice. God bless you."
— Morocco
A Moroccan man who followed SAT-7 on Facebook in search of answers to his questions about...