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19th April 2024

A Moroccan man who followed SAT-7 on Facebook in search of answers to his questions about Christianity has shared his journey of coming to faith in Christ after the country’s devastating earthquake.

“I am from a different background, and I want to know if the Christian religion is real or not,” Haytham told SAT-7’s Viewer Support Team when he reached out for help with his questions.

A member of the team responded by asking whether he had ever encountered the Bible. “I have read a little,” he said. The team member encouraged Haytham, age 30, to continue reading the Bible to investigate its teachings for himself, with his heart open to learning more about Jesus.

However, before Haytham could dig deeply into the Bible, he was caught up in Morocco’s devastating earthquake in September 2023. Our team quickly checked on Haytham to see if and how he had been affected.

“We were in a place quite close to the earthquake, but thank God everything is fine,” he replied. “Thank you so much for your concern. Unfortunately, many others have died in other places. People are exhausted and afraid to leave their homes. We’re currently sleeping outside the house. Thank you for asking after me. May God bless you and protect you and your family.”

When the time was right, our team contacted Haytham again to see how he was getting on in his faith journey. His response was incredible.

“Yes, I started reading the Bible,” he said. “I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord. I am quite happy, and I believe that my life is improving.” His new faith had started to take root: the last we heard from Haytham, he had joined a local church and was planning to be baptized.

Marianne Awaraji, SAT-7 ARABIC’s Audience Relations Manager, shared how Haytham’s testimony illustrates the impact of SAT-7’s holistic approach:

“From answering his initial questions and offering advice to checking on his well-being during a crisis, SAT-7 extended a helping hand. SAT‑7 ensured Haytham had the necessary support and community to nurture his faith and continue his spiritual growth by introducing him to Jesus Christ and encouraging his connection with a local church.”

Please pray for Haytham to grow in faith and fellowship with his local Christian community.


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