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16th February 2022

Christians in Tunisia are witnessing to their country through a new SAT-7 program filled with testimonies sharing Christ’s hope as their homeland, once energized by the potential for change, now faces a political crisis and an uncertain future.

The Gathering launches at a moment of heightened tension in Tunisia. Amid worsening economic conditions, protests took place in Tunis on January 14, the eleventh anniversary of the Arab Spring uprising. At the same time, the first episodes of The Gathering, a program sharing testimonies, worship music clips, and Christian teaching by and for Tunisians began to air on SAT-7 ARABIC.

Click here to watch The Gathering on SAT-7 PLUS

At this moment when people are searching for hope and meaning, programs like The Gathering are a vital opportunity for local Christians. Believers want to share the message of God’s love with others and shape the national narrative to one characterized by Christian hope, demonstrating healthy, loving relationships within families and communities. SAT-7 producer Moez Mediouni explains, “Witnessing through the media is vital.”

“Please pray that our media work will help share the Church and its values to the wider society,” he asks. “Pray for the doors to open amid all the political and economic changes. Pray that people will open their hearts, and pray for the Church to grow and be unified.”

These stories of faith combined with worship music in the local dialect are also encouraging for believers in the country’s young Church. “I gave my heart to Jesus eight years ago,” viewer Hamsa from Tunisia wrote to say. He says, “I have been watching SAT-7 ARABIC for many years now, and I have been so blessed by you; I have benefited a lot from your testimonies.”

The Gathering follows other SAT-7 programs in the Tunisian dialect. Most recently, Christmas in Tunisia showed how we can learn from the Christmas story about finding joy amid difficulties and how believers celebrate while living as a small minority. SAT-7 also recently aired Standard Talk, a discipleship program that discusses family and social issues from a biblical perspective. In a country with such a young, emerging Church, grounding the Christian faith in biblical understanding is crucial.

SAT-7 also follows up with viewers in Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco through the dedicated social media page Free Souls, which shares content in the Tunisian dialect that speaks particularly to North Africans.

How You Can Pray

Please pray for all who will hear The Gathering’s message of hope, as well as for SAT-7’s production teams in Tunisia and Algeria, that God will comfort, protect, and provide for them. “We hope for the economic situation to improve. Please also pray for God’s blessing over Tunisia’s economy,” says Moez.



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