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18th February 2022

As the economic crisis in Turkey deepens, with inflation soaring and a currency crisis pushing more people into poverty, SAT-7 TÜRK’s live program Homemade sought to comfort viewers. The program raised awareness of the financial impact on families and hosted an expert guest who directed struggling viewers to resources that can help them.

“Rent is increasing by 70 percent. What is going to happen to us?” was the cry from one Homemade viewer, illustrating the impact of the crisis affecting families across Turkey. With many viewers facing difficult times as inflation reached 36 percent, the highest in nineteen years, Homemade gave them a chance to be heard and receive trustworthy advice.

The program hosted Şevket Tezel, President of Turkey’s Social Security Counselors Association. He spoke of how rates for everyday goods and services – including electricity and rent – have doubled or tripled in Turkey, and how prices of supermarket essentials have skyrocketed.

“Unfortunately, many people and many families will not be able to meet their basic needs, such as housing or heating,” Tezel said. He addressed misinformation about the situation and shared advice for viewers on their rights as employees or pensioners and gave practical steps they can take to mitigate the impact of price rises.

The presenter also shared a Christian point of view on the situation, emphasizing that God never leaves anyone and is omnipresent in giving spiritual support and strength to all people who seek it.

Many viewers engaged with this episode, sharing what they are facing and their prayers. One wrote to share his prayer for Turkey: “Our Lord Jesus Christ, we humbly ask for Your mercy so that believers will never feel abandoned by You in these challenging times. We trust in Your infinite power and divinity.” Others expressed how much it meant to see these topics discussed on a Christian program. “This is very much needed right now, for people all across the country,” one said.

“Please pray for all people in Turkey at this time,” says Gülsüm I., the channel’s Deputy Director. “Please pray for everyone who is struggling to survive due to the difficult financial situation, and that SAT-7 TÜRK’s efforts to raise awareness and equip our viewers will be heard by those who need to hear it most.”

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