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16th August 2022

“My children are blessed beyond words watching your channel. It’s more precious than gold. Your channel is the only one my kids watch,” says one parent whose children watch SAT-7 KIDS. With many kids looking for entertaining television programs to enjoy this summer, what Christian programs can children in the Middle East and North Africa watch on SAT-7 right now?

Bedtime Stories

The current season of this program features presenter Joanna telling Bible stories to her niece and nephew. Together, the three help children watching deepen their understanding with prayer and activities. The newest episode is on Genesis 2, and like many of SAT-7’s children’s programs, it can be watched on-demand on SAT-7 PLUS as well as on the satellite channel.

Bed Time Story Web

Young presenter Jamie reflects on a Bible story

Challenge Accepted

This new flagship gameshow tests children’s Bible knowledge while participants from a range of backgrounds, including those dealing with difficult home lives, model personal spiritual growth, cooperation, and teamwork. Each episode focuses on a different biblical location, with the latest edition looking at the island of Patmos, where John, the writer of Revelation, was exiled. The episode also includes a beautiful youth worship segment including the song “Blessed be Your Name.” A second season of the program is currently in production at SAT-7’s studio in Beirut, Lebanon.

Challenge Accepted Web

Contestants eagerly answer questions on the gameshow

My Opinion

In these 100 shorts, SAT-7 KIDS hands the microphone to children. They share their responses to questions including “Who or what do you pray for?“, “What Bible story would you liked to have played a part in?”, “What question would you like to ask Jesus?”, and “What would you do if you could spend a day with Jesus?” By doing so, they inspire their peers at home to think about their faith in new ways and to turn to God themselves.

By the Way

These short, entertaining videos speak to preteens in a way they love to hear! Young believer Markus Kashouh presents an alternative voice to other Middle Eastern “influencers,” helping youngsters deal with issues including exam stress, their relationship to technology, and pursuing their dreams, all discussed from a Christian perspective through advice and skits.

By The Way Web

Presenter Markus helps viewers cope with exam stress

Story in the Attic

This award-nominated drama uses storytelling to teach children important life lessons from a Christian perspective. In this program, a family rents a home that was abandoned for a period during the Lebanese Civil War. To the children’s delight, a painting found left behind in the attic comes to life, and the characters step into their world to tell them stories.

Story In The Attic Web

One episode of Story in the Attic addressing the issue of child marriage was praised at the Prix Jeunesse television festival

And Much, Much More!

The rest of the SAT-7 KIDS satellite schedule, SAT-7 PLUS, and social media is packed with perennial favorites. These include A Verse and a Story, which is produced in the Gulf dialect and includes puppets (pictured above) who learn from a kindly grandmother character; Colors, for preschool-aged children; and Bloom Boom, a magazine program that gives children a wide variety of positive activities to do at home. The channel also includes dubbed Christian cartoons and a two-hour daily block dedicated to SAT-7 ACADEMY educational content.

Bloom Boom Web

Children at home can follow along with fun activities on Bloom Boom

Please Pray

Pray for children in the Arab World, many of whom are living through difficult circumstances including displacement and economic crisis. Please pray this summer will be a time when they find rest, refreshment, and positive time with family and friends, and that SAT-7 KIDS will help them find hope and grow in faith.

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