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21st December 2022

For many children in the Middle East and North Africa, SAT-7 KIDS is a safe haven and a source of inspiration. “Believe me, you are really a blessing. Even though we’re in different countries, the Lord is speaking to us through you [with] whatever you share. Please know that you have a great impact on us,” said Thabet*, a viewer from the Holy Land.

As the first children’s Christian channel in the Middle East, SAT-7 KIDS has helped children to learn about the love of God in a region where Christian teaching is restricted to churches and millions of young believers do not have access to a church. SAT-7 KIDS programs provide them with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Christianity and offer guidance on living a righteous Christian life and being faithful despite adversity.

“I love you. SAT-7 KIDS has my favorite programs, which I contact regularly through WhatsApp. I even set up Facebook to communicate with you more frequently. I am happy with my communication with you,” said Carmen, a viewer from Algeria.

SAT-7 KIDS’ anniversary campaign is entitled “Tomorrow is Yours,” and it encourages viewers to maintain their journey with the channel. The campaign includes social media posts, songs, and special ads for young viewers, highlighting the many topics that are prominent on SAT-7 KIDS programs, such as hope, perseverance, and prayer.

“Our campaign supports kids with today’s difficulties and encourages them to have a sense of ownership for tomorrow,” says Andrea ElMounayer, SAT-7 KIDS Channel Manager.

This year, the SAT-7 KIDS team received a Special Mention at the 2022 Prix Jeunesse International Festival, which was held on June 10-15 in Munich, Germany, for their program Story in the Attic.

The program is a storytelling drama that takes place inside an attic, where a forgotten painting comes to life and its characters teach the children of the house important lessons such as faith in God, forgiveness, and peace, which help children understand their value and share what they have learned with those around them.

SAT-7’s productions address the varied needs of children in the MENA region. They include programs such as Bedtime Stories, where presenter Joanna tells Bible stories to her niece and nephew to deepen children’s understanding of Christian teaching. Another Christian program called Quality Time targets teenagers, providing in-depth discussions about their prayer life and living in fellowship within the church.

There are also activity programs such as Behind the Door, a live program helping children see Jesus and learn about Him while engaging in innovative games and solving puzzles. Bthe Way, written and presented by Markus, a teenage boy, highlights through short, entertaining videos the problems, ideas, and challenges young generations experience. The program aims to help teenagers deal with issues such as exam stress, their relationship to technology, and pursuing their dreams, all from a Biblical perspective.

Through special closed groups on social media, SAT-7 KIDS creates a safe environment for communication with loyal fans and viewers, maintaining constant communication through responses, initiating conversation through campaigns, and supporting the online community with encouraging biblical teaching posts.

Supporting young people in the Middle East to grow up strong in their faith and values is a key pillar of SAT-7’s work.” – Rita El-Mounayer, SAT-7’s CEO.


*Names in testimonies have been changed for security.




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