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18th January 2023

In Iran, the only Christians allowed to worship publicly are those from traditional churches. And additionally, it is also illegal for anyone from another faith background to attend these church services.

Nava* told us, “I went to a church for the Sunday service because I had been there once before as a guest of a friend. But they wouldn’t let us in. In the few minutes that I was there debating with the guards at the door, at least ten other women turned up hoping to get in, but we were told, ‘You are not Christians.’ I said that in my heart I had a strong belief in Christ, but still they didn’t let us in. Of course, I understand because the government has no doubt ordered them not to let (others) attend church.

“One of the women asked if we could at least enter the garden of the church and get out of the heat, bearing in mind that it had taken over an hour to travel there. The doormen were polite and very apologetic and told us that they had no option but to turn us away.

“I said to them that I hope for a day when the door of God’s house is never closed to anyone, and we will be able to experience the peace and light of the Lord.”

SAT-7 PARS ministers to Christians like Nava, providing essential Christian resources to help isolated believers stand firm in their faith.


*Name changed for security, and image is representative.

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