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26th October 2022

The Middle East and North Africa is one of the world’s youngest regions: those under age 24 comprise nearly half of the population – so ministering to children and young people is a key priority for SAT-7.

“From our earliest days, SAT-7 has been committed to sharing God’s love with young people in the MENA,” explains SAT-7 CEO Rita El-Mounayer. “We long to see them entering into the fullness of life in Christ and enjoying the fruits of His Kingdom, and we know that the future of our precious but troubled region lies in their hands.”

An especially effective way to minister to young people through media is to enable them to witness to each other. Through a series of 100 spots on the children’s channel SAT-7 KIDS, a space has been opened for children to express themselves and encourage others watching at home. “I thank God for the life He gives us every day,” says young Christina* from Syria. “I thank Him because He saved us from war,” contributes Marianne from Iraq.

Markus Kashouh speaking on the streets of Lebanon

Teenager Markus Kashouh speaks to his peers via SAT-7 from the streets of Lebanon about issues that matter to young people

“One of SAT-7’s key priorities is to recruit young presenters as role models for youth who can be their voice on our channels and social media,” says Ms. El-Mounayer. Several new programs currently in production by SAT-7’s children’s channel SAT-7 KIDS are led by young presenters. One is Cupcake, in which young people discuss topics about harmful behaviors and how to address them in a Christ-honoring way. Another example is By The Way, a program presented and written by teenager Markus Kashouh, in which he addresses problems and challenges faced by his generation in Lebanon.

Viewers express their gratitude to SAT-7 for how the programs are helping them in their lives, what they are learning, and how they are growing in their faith. Nour, a young Arab viewer, is thankful for SAT-7 and for the way it helps children “lift up their faith and love Jesus more.”

Daniel, an Arab parent, agrees. “Through your activities, you have greatly aided me as a parent in teaching about Jesus and His love for us. Thank you for bringing us delight.”

Please Pray

Please pray for the SAT-7 KIDS channel as it makes new programs and recruits new young presenters. Ask for the Lord’s guidance and inspiration.


*Viewer names have been changed

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