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14th July 2023

“We are all beautiful in God’s eyes,” says Presenter Nora Yazırlıoğlu on a recent episode of SAT-7 TÜRK’s new children’s program Great News, “because God made us with all His love in His image.” Nora’s assistant – a well-dressed dog puppet – replies, “Yes, my friends, we are all precious in the eyes of God, and each one of you is unique and special to Him.”

Aimed at 7-11-year-olds, Great News is a bright and entertaining news-style program presented by well-known SAT-7 TÜRK presenter Nora Yazırlıoğlu and her loveable assistant Mr. Straw, a dog puppet with a liking for clever jokes. But the program does a lot more than just entertain. Throughout different discussions, news, and segments, the presenters weave in biblical principles such as the inherent value of every person and the importance of prayer.

For SAT-7 TÜRK, investing in the next generation is not an afterthought; it is a central part of the channel’s strategy. The hope is that a generation of young people will develop their own relationship with God, based on an accurate understanding of the Bible and a life of prayer.

Nora And Mr Straw Web

Presenter Nora Yazırlıoğlu on the set of Great News with her co-host, Mr. Straw, the dog puppet.

Kickstarting a recent episode, Mr. Straw says that the green suit jacket worn by Nora greatly suits her. Nora uses this as an opportunity to share with young viewers that in the eyes of God, we are all equal, no matter how different we are. Next up is a fun segment when young viewers get a chance to learn interesting facts about the size and habits of dinosaurs. Nora then tells the story of a dinosaur who got sick and needed its family’s love and support, as we all do. The presenters have mastered the art of seamlessly transitioning between profound and light-hearted topics!

Of course, humor is one of the best ways to unlock a young person’s heart, and Mr. Straw provides plenty of that. One section of the episode focuses on the different voices people have. Nora says that, according to research, the distinct voice of each person is based on the size of the lungs, respiratory tracts, and vocal cords. Mr. Straw, whose voice is froggy even at the best of times, replies, “Well, I must clean my vocal cords because my voice seems to have changed recently.” But the message in the end is clear, as Nora explains: “The way everyone speaks is unique. We must accept all people no matter what their voice is like, or if it changes occasionally.”

To close out the episode, Nora tells the story of Samuel in the Bible, concluding from it that believers can overcome all difficulties through prayer. Nora tells the young viewers of Great News, “We can pray all hours of the day in our homes, or by going to our church … and we can have victories in our life.”

The children of Türkiye, who are so “precious in the eyes of God,” now have an entertaining way to connect with the truth of God. That is Great News indeed!

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