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7th July 2022

The third season of SAT-7 ARABIC’s program New Light is helping young people turn to God and build connections amid struggles and isolation.

One viewer expressed their gratitude to SAT-7 in a message to the program team:

I want to thank you for the program New Light. May God keep you safe. You are the light that shines in our lives. Thank you so much; we love you so much, and we wish you all the best and success.”

The New Light program helps young people learn how to think critically about various life issues using Christian values. Topics discussed include a person’s unique identity in Christ, accepting failure as part of the journey to success, the need for Christian media and its impact, and other hot topics on young people’s minds. Viewers are guided to make better decisions through learning about the real-life stories of other young people in different fields.

The program delivers direct Christian messages to viewers and links biblical teaching to life.

In a special episode about feelings of alienation, the presenters thoroughly discussed the roots of the problem, its outcome, and how best to handle it.

One of the program contributors, Martin, said, “Alienation can be feelings of loneliness among family and friends. When you have the Holy Spirit in your heart, the Lord will embrace and guide you when you feel lonely. I encourage you to have a relationship with the Holy Spirit by spending time with Him, and this will help you overcome your feelings of loneliness.”

New Light was launched on social media in 2020 and now has over 81,000 followers.

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