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SAT-7: Answering God’s Call to Stand with the Oppressed

18th May 2021

As the pandemic and lockdowns continue, women, members of minorities, and people with disabilities in the Middle East and North Africa are even more vulnerable to oppression. SAT-7 shines a light on the struggles and strength of these communities and answers God’s call to serve them.

From women in rural North Africa whose lives are so restricted they feel they were “born to die”; to impoverished children in Iran made desperate as the pandemic destroys their chance for education; to people with disabilities denied a place in society, and refugees who live in stateless limbo, a lack of freedoms destroys hope, and it destroys lives.

But in God’s eyes, no human being is relegated to the margins; to Him, every person is precious. So, He calls and equips His children to “proclaim freedom for captives” (Isaiah 61:1) and SAT-7’s holistic programming answers this call in three ways.

First, as we share the Gospel across the region, our viewers of all backgrounds find freedom in Christ; true, life-changing freedom from spiritual darkness and despair. Second, our programs give marginalized people the freedom to be heard – meaning millions encounter the otherwise side-lined voices of women, children, Christians, and ethnic minorities.

Finally, SAT-7’s programs begin discussions needed to transform homes, families, and communities. They lead viewers through stigma and struggle as they take steps to overcome life’s challenges.

This call is why SAT-7 has always been a holistic ministry; why our vision includes seeing MENA Christians contribute to the good of our societies. Doing so is an inescapable part of truly loving our neighbor. When we lift up oppressed women or people with disabilities, we live out our belief that all people are made in God’s image. When we give a voice to refugees, we fulfill His call to care for the stranger. When we educate viewers on their right to freedom of religion and belief, we help make a way for them to seek God for themselves.”
– CEO Rita El-Mounayer


Donate to SAT-7 today to be a part of answering God’s call to love our neighbor and serve the people of the Middle East and North Africa.

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