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14th April 2023

Christians across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are joining in vibrant Easter celebrations throughout this week.[1] SAT-7’s channels are broadcasting a range of programs that share the life and hope of the Easter message with Arabic, Persian, and Turkish audiences.

The new SAT-7 PARS program Jesus Before and After the Resurrection has been produced especially for Persian-speaking viewers ages 25 to 30. Host Nader Taghizadeh and his guests discuss a range of topics relating to the Easter story, focusing in particular on what happened in the days and weeks after the resurrection.

“The program’s main aim was to share the message that Jesus LIVED after the resurrection,” says Nader. “The resurrection did not mark an end but a continuation of His work on earth. Many important things happened after Jesus’ resurrection, such as His encounter with the two men on the road to Emmaus and His encounter with ‘doubting’ Thomas.”

Diving deep into Bible stories and learning more about why Jesus died and rose, viewers hear how these events helped the program’s guests to develop and grow, personally and in their faith. “For example,” says Nader, “one of our young presenters viewed himself as a Thomas, which was an opportunity to have an open and honest discussion about the role of doubt in our lives and faith.”

Over on SAT-7 TÜRK, significant effort has been put into producing multiple high-quality live programs during Easter. Popular shows Worldview and Mini Kent broadcast special episodes, as did Christian teaching programs Essence of the Gospel and Beyond the Veil.

Many Turkish people are unaware of the depth of Christian tradition in their country, but SAT-7 TÜRK is seeking to change this by amplifying the voices of Christian groups in Türkiye. Among other examples, viewers tuning in over Easter will have the chance to witness a large Greek Orthodox Church service. For some non-Christian viewers, this might be the first time in their lives that they witness communal prayer, Bible readings, enthusiastic worship, and a sermon on the cross of Christ.

SAT-7 ARABIC is also broadcasting Holy Week and Easter services and concerts from churches in Lebanon and Egypt. These are supplemented by teaching programs and dramas that tell the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection and reflect on its significance for us.

Then on the Western and Eastern Good Fridays, the Arabic current affairs program You Are Not Alone will broadcast two episodes filmed at Lebanon’s largest prison, in which male and female prisoners share their own long and troubled journeys to new life in Christ. Their stories will offer powerful modern-day testimonies to viewers of God’s forgiveness through the cross and of Christ’s resurrection power.

Meanwhile, the program Zoom In from SAT-7 KIDS traces the events of Holy Week from Palm Sunday, through Good Friday, to Easter Day, focusing primarily on God’s love displayed in Jesus’ amazing sacrifice. Using discussion, songs, and graphic segments, it explains to young viewers the meaning of the cross and resurrection and helps them to live each day in the light of these remarkable events.

Also on SAT-7 KIDS, The First Easter tells the story of Nate, a young pickpocket who roams the streets of Jerusalem with his dog causing trouble. Having previously heard Jesus’ teaching and witnessed one of His miracles, he hears what is happening at Calvary and meets Mary Magdalene there. Already softened by seeing Jesus on the cross, he observes His appearance to Mary on Easter morning, and on checking the grave, discovers that Jesus is alive!

Please Pray

Please join SAT-7 in prayer for our viewers across the MENA this Easter time, so that through our programs, people of all ages and backgrounds may experience the transforming love and power of the risen Christ.


[1] This year, Eastern Orthodox Easter falls on April 16, one week after Western Easter, which is celebrated by Catholic and Protestant churches in the region.

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