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3rd February 2023

Güneş Aydın Çalıbaşyan, host of the new SAT-7 TÜRK program Beside Still Waters, speaks to viewers with a Bible on the table in front of her. She explains how God is always present in their lives, even in difficult times, and supports her teaching with meaningful illustrations.

In a recent episode, Güneş spoke about how God sees everything about us: what we do and how we feel. She shared, “He is by our side when we need Him, and He rises above the storms in our lives to calm them. He produces in us qualities such as virtue, kindness, devotion – elements that our parents exemplified for us from a young age. God is everywhere – He sees us and hears us.”

In her teaching, she especially emphasized that every person sometimes wonders where God is in the things that happen in our lives and the world. She advised viewers that we feel God’s presence when we live according to His holy, revealed standards of conduct, including righteousness and justice.

In another episode, Güneş talked about injustices in life, such as when people are far from their homeland and loved ones due to war or economic conditions. She compared them to people standing on the bank of a river and having to face the wind and evade the constant fury of the waves, saying that they should not fear but feel that God will do justice and bring them relief.

Feedback from viewers also demonstrated their deep need to engage in discussions about the presence of God in our lives and what He does to bring justice. “I have a question: why does God allow injustice?” asked one viewer on YouTube. Another responded, “When our hearts and minds remain rightly oriented towards God, justice will come.”

Pray that SAT-7 TÜRK, through this and other new programs in 2023, will help people who are away from their homeland, homes, families, and relatives for any reason and experiencing injustice to feel the presence of God in their lives.

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