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26th February 2024

The Lord puts people in our lives for a specific purpose. You may not see or know the reason now, but His plan for your life is forever unfolding. His plan is perfect and good, always. 

Sedef,* a believer from Türkiye, shared how the seed of faith was planted in her as a little girl. More than 20 years later, that seed grew and forever changed her. 

Sedef shared, “When I was seven or eight years old, my neighbor was a very old grandmother. I used to play with her granddaughter every day. This grandmother used to read to me from the Bible every day in her house, and she used to sing verses and hymns to me. God used her to plant the seed of Jesus in my heart and I accepted Jesus at the age of 29.” 

As a child, Sedef likely wasn’t aware that God was using her friendship with this girl to bring her to God through the grandmother. However, even the smallest hints can bloom into the largest crops of faith. 

Sharing the Gospel doesn’t mean you have to become a church leader or a pastor in order to save people. Share the love of Jesus every day to everyone. You never know where a seed will plant, and a life will be saved because of your relentless faith. 


*Viewer name has been changed for security.

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