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12th February 2022

Many Christians in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are isolated, unable to freely worship with other believers. There are several reasons for their isolation—fear of persecution, laws oppressive to Christianity, and churches closed. But no matter the reason, they are clearly and painfully alone. 

SAT-7 goes beyond borders and provides biblically-based content that makes God’s love visible and provides a way for Christians to connect. Not only do satellite broadcasts still blanket the region, but SAT-7’s growing video-on-demand service and social media channels are providing secure ways to engage viewers who may be too afraid to contact SAT-7 any other way.

Hearing from viewers is a reminder of the impact the strategy is making in the lives of people in the MENA. One Algerian man named Kameel* contacted us through the SAT-7 FREE SOULS social media page to share his story of isolation.

I am from a non-Christian background. I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ; I adore Him and am obsessed by Him. Following the path of Jesus is fascinating. Christianity brought peace and love into humanity.

I am striving to live my faith without a church to interact with and grow. It is so hard [living] in a hardline society. I am in my thirties and find it so difficult to get married to a Christian woman.

Others, like Eraj* from Afghanistan, need our prayers. He writes:

I beg for your prayers! We are experiencing the peak of misery brought about by extremists. Please pray for us. We are in Kabul and subjected to the rule of the Taliban.

One viewer from Iran named Yasimin* believed she was alone when facing difficulties. 

Thanks to SAT-7 for sending me beautiful Bible verses. Every time I faced a hardship, I always thought I was the only one with such troubles and obstacles. But now, I tell myself that there is a God to help me take care of it.

The stories about how God used SAT-7 to strengthen someone’s faith, help a person find forgiveness, and heal once-broken relationships encourage us to find new ways to connect with viewers. We want believers to learn about God and apply His Word in all aspects of their lives – even when they are alone.

*Names changed for security purposes.

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