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31st May 2023

SAT-7 will broadcast a special program entitled We Believe throughout the first week of June. Showcasing two large choirs, a range of well-known Lebanese media personalities, multiple creative segments crafted for the occasion by the SAT-7 team in Lebanon, and more, the show promises to reach a large audience with the vital message of unity.

In a region divided by disagreements and ravaged by conflict, SAT-7 has long sought to make God’s love visible and promote peace. In recent years, SAT-7’s programming and initiatives such as Lebanon, Our Story have increasingly reminded viewers to focus on what unites them rather than what divides them.

The launch of SAT-7 ARABIC’s new video clip based on the Nicene Creed during We Believe will send the clear message that Christians of all denominations and backgrounds are valued by SAT-7 and are equal in the Kingdom of God. But as well as stressing the importance of unity in the Church, We Believe will champion unity among members of different socio-economic groups, religions, and nations all across the MENA.

We Believe is presented by Eli Ahoush, a host and producer at MTV Lebanon, one of the most famous secular TV networks in the Arab world. Eli is a committed Christian and has previously hosted documentaries highlighting the Christian presence in Lebanon. He will be joined by SAT-7 board members Bishop Paul Sayah and Dr. Martin Accad; Lebanese actress and activist Tekla Shamoun; and well-known orchestra conductor Sister Marana. It is hoped that the program will appeal to a wide range of people and even attract new long-term viewers.

SAT-7 will celebrate 27 years of ministry with many friends and ministry partners in the MENA. “SAT-7 was the first and only Christian satellite for Christians in the region,” says George Makeen, Executive Director of SAT-7 ARABIC. “After 27 years of service, we are celebrating the fact that we are accompanied by many other Christian satellite networks and many other Christian producers who produce for satellites or social media.”

The task to unify people under a common cause in the MENA is as urgent as it is difficult. George believes there is only one way forward. “We believe in a God of relationships, who is willing to give abundant life to those who accept His love that was offered to us in Jesus Christ.”

The ultimate goal, he says, is nothing less than a transformed world. “It has been said that it is crazy to try to change the world, but it is evil not to try. We choose to be the crazy ones, who believe in the impossible.”


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