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3rd June 2022

Gaining a deeper understanding of the Bible can be life-changing, and SAT-7 KIDS viewers are now witnessing this on-screen through a new gameshow. Creating an atmosphere of excitement, healthy competition, and laughter, Challenge Accepted helps young viewers grow in faith as they play along with the participants.

“We hope to help children and young teens know and deeply understand their identity in Christ. Then, as a reflection of this, realize the important place they each have in their communities and how they can contribute to building their society’s future,” says Andrea El-Mounayer, SAT-7 KIDS Manager.

Pitting two teams of four participants against one another, Challenge Accepted creates a dynamic, engaging learning environment. With each episode set in a different biblical location, fun, rapid-fire questions about the Bible and its historical context are combined with creative problem-solving activities. As the participants explore their faith and learn how to work as a team, taking part in the program has been having a profound effect on them.

Challenge 1“Some of our participants come from difficult backgrounds, but on the program, they are safe and relaxed, building new friendships and growing together,” shares Andrea. “The program has been a turning point for some of the young people, giving them hope for the future by building them up.”

For example, Thalia was very shy before she took part in the first season of Challenge Accepted. But by learning about who she is in Christ and taking part in challenges, she grew in confidence and began expressing her thoughts without fear of judgment. Oliver had never experienced teamwork before, but by playing the games, he discovered new strengths in learning and memorizing and how to contribute these to his team.

The participants not only model personal growth for the viewers at home but also how to live out their faith in a community. “The young people began to recognize the potential of each team member,” adds Petra Charabaty, producer of the program. “They realized that good communication and accepting the other are precious values and acts of godly love. They began to understand the importance of listening to one another, making their voices heard, and appreciating their differences.”

Inspired by the first season of the program, viewer Khalil commented, “Because I didn’t know God when I was young, I am now taking advantage of Challenge Accepted and watching all the episodes on SAT-7 KIDS.”

Challenge 2As viewers watch or play along at home, they can learn that God loves them, and grow in Bible knowledge, faith, and positive values. The knowledge and strength they gain is much needed as families across the Middle East and North Africa face extremely challenging economic times and increased stress.

The second season of Challenge Accepted is now being produced. “It will be even more exciting than the first,” says Rawad Daou, the program’s director. “We hope that viewers will be inspired and empowered to become the changemakers of the future.”

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