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6th October 2023

While SAT-7 KIDS’ live children’s shows took a break over the summer, the channel made sure to stay connected with its audience through a series of challenges that invited young viewers to make and send videos.

Every couple weeks over the past few months, SAT-7 KIDS released challenges that encouraged children to share their views about particular topics. The kids spoke about their summer activities, their favorite SAT-7 children’s show and what they learned from it, the meaning of friendship, and a problem at school they wished would go away. Other challenges were more creative and included singing a SAT-7 song and acting out a Bible character in a digital game of “Guess Who?”. Winners were announced on TV and received a special gift, and online gifts were sent to all the participants.

Marianne Cropped Web

Marianne Awaraji, Audience Relations Manager for SAT-7 ARABIC

Marianne Awaraji, Audience Relations Manager for SAT‑7 ARABIC, said, “We decided to launch challenges for the children every two weeks to keep the little viewers engaged during the summer break, and to have a proactive and effective way to learn more about their world, so that we can tailor future content according to their needs, likes, problems, and what they think about various spiritual and social issues.”

Inspired Storytelling

The team hopes these challenges will inspire a new generation of junior reporters who are equipped with the curiosity to gather ideas and communicate them to their communities. SAT-7 hopes to help children develop their storytelling and critical thinking skills through initiatives like this.

In one video, a young viewer said, “Hello SAT-7, during the summer I did many activities. I went to church, I went to the beach for swimming, I played football and rode my bike. I also went to the forest for birdwatching.”

The video submissions will be aired on the SAT-7 KIDS live show Behind the Door, and they have also been published on a closed SAT‑7 KIDS Facebook group. Marianne believes that this is sure to bring joy to young viewers as they get to see themselves on their favorite platforms and share fellowship with a wider community through the channel.

As children go back to school, SAT-7 hopes to build on this initiative, which is set to continue throughout the year. It is part of a wider effort to integrate social media, satellite television, and audience relations to provide a holistic ministry for young viewers.

“By leveraging the power of social media, creating interactive challenges for the audience, and incorporating feedback into program development and production processes, we can create a more dynamic and interactive relationship with our young audience,” Marianne concluded.

Please join us in praying for SAT-7 KIDS viewers as they embark on a new learning adventure this academic year.

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