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Lifting Children & Adults From Poverty


Your gift provides educational programming that helps lift children and adults from illiteracy and poverty and provides hope for a better life.



What our viewers are saying

In the past, I didn’t believe in God, but recently I was baptized. My mother-in-law is not a Christian but quite religious and had supported me in becoming a Christian. We were both watching your channel when you invited us for a prayer. And she lifted up her hands and prayed with you. I was very surprised and impressed. You are making really good and effective programs. The Lord works in places you cannot always see."
— Viewer in Türkiye


two boys standing in rubble in yemen

Lifting Children & Adults From Poverty

Out of School: Addressing the MENA’s Education Crisis »
In a region where poverty, human rights abuses, gender inequality, and conflict impact millions of...
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Lifting Children & Adults From Poverty, Reach Kids With God's Love

Activity Show Breaks Barriers Amid Rising Tensions »
SAT-7 KIDS’ innovative activity program for young people,  Puzzle,  is returning to the...


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Demonstrating God’s Love for the “Least of These”

SAT-7 programming is changing hearts by teaching viewers the biblical truth that every person is made in the image of God.

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Equip People To Live Out Their Faith

SAT-7 programs and personal follow-up offer answers and advice on how to show the love of God to others through everyday actions.

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Reach Kids With God's Love

SAT-7’s children’s programs are loved by kids and trusted by parents. Because they watch together, we reach both with the Gospel.

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Reach People With the Gospel

SAT-7 is reaching people in countries closed to the Gospel and where it is unlikely they would ever learn about God’s love for them.

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